Maryanne specializes in long distance mentorships. Those interested meet with her via  Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout for an introductory discussion. At the end of that  discussion, should both parties agree they seem a good fit to work together, then the  two will set a price and initial commitment of ten weeks. 

 It is recommended that those interested in mentorship have access to high speed  internet and a YouTube account which they can set to "unlisted." During weekly, one  hour sessions, Maryanne and interested parties shall discuss skills that are working, and  one skill that needs work. Between sessions, the mentee will need to make time for field  study and deliberate practice. At the end of ten weeks, mentor and mentee will discuss  progress. Should they both be amenable, ongoing mentorships are possible. 

 Prices vary according to circumstances.

 Email us for more information.