Fingerspelling Videos


Back by popular demand! Based on Joyce Linden's "3 c's" model, these four fingerspelling practice modules provide opportunities for students and colleagues to practice on their own. These videos were previously available as CD-Roms.


Module 1 - Fingerspelling Fill-Ins

Using the context of five categories, this module provides words or titles to practice reading. Perfect for novice fingerspellers who need some success and confidence. 

Module 1 - 99 words and titles in 5 categories - $5.00




Module 2 - Embedded Fingerspelling

This module progresses to words that are included in sentences and paragraphs. It consists of 5 separate videos, each containing a 5-7 sentence paragraph with 1-4 fingerspelled words.

Module 2 - 5 video paragraphs - $5.00




Module 3 - Business Cards 1

Each of these 10 videos has three "business cards" which consist of a first and last name, an address, a city, state, zip code, and phone number. Items have been randomized. For example, the 918 area code may not go with Tulsa, Oklahoma. The lighting and backdrop provide the watcher a neutral space in which to practice trusting his or her eyes.

Module 3 - 10 videos, 30 business cards - $10.00




Module 4 - Business Cards 2

These 10 videos are filmed in a less friendly environment with a noisier background and less direct lighting, which is reflected in the signer's glasses. The aim of this module is to present business card information in a setting that more closely mimics some of the challenges of video relay interpreting.

Module 4 - 10 videos, 30 business cards - $10.00