About Me


 I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, California.  After graduating from  Los Angeles Pierce College with an Associate of Arts in Sign Language  Interpreting, I worked for 15 years at the National Center on Deafness  at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).  While there, I  received training as a mentor and diagnostician and participated in the  Pep-Net West Video Outreach Program as a long distance mentor.

 I moved to Tulsa in 1999, and since then I have graduated with a  Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies from the University of  Oklahoma. After 16 years working full or part-time for Tulsa Community  College, I have recently returned to private practice and video relay  interpreting. I run this small cottage industry mentoring fellow  interpreters via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout using techniques  learned while working at CSUN.  I love music, mime, my family, my  pets, computers, Disneyland and writing, not necessarily in that order.


 My Vision


 I would love if every interpreter knew and trusted the quality of his or her  own work. I began in this industry just certain that someone was going  to realize they were paying me too much. That sort of self-doubt got in  my way and blocked my growth for many years. At last, I had a mentor  in Gary Sanderson (among many others) who helped me to see my  strengths and use those  strengths to improve my weaknesses. I hope  to pass those lessons on to any who wish to work with me.